How does it work?

The application must be installed on the device you want to monitor. Installation of Mobile Tracker Free requires physical access to the target device (holding it in your hands) for about 5 consecutive minutes.

Then you just create an account or use an existing phone and save the account with the necessary parameters. Once the installation is complete, all data even deleted, are downloaded to your private account, which is available from any PC or phone browser to the following address

Note: The targeted phone must have Internet access and must be compatible with Mobile Tracker Free. Internet connection is required to install a new phone, then if the connection is lost, all data is stored and transmitted when the connection is back.

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  • It's not transmitted when the connection do i fix this problem

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  • Hello application version 143, even with very little active use, consumes a huge amount of energy ... far more than the previous version does something to do with it? please Could you not send me the 142 version of the application that was functional and hassle free and did not consume much energy?
    Thank you

  • Pourquoi mon email et mon mot de passe sont-ils refusés chaque fois que j'installe le logiciel sur le téléphone de mon fils? J'ai essayé de modifier de nombreux e-mails et mots de passe, mais je ne parviens pas à installer le logiciel sur le téléphone LG pour m'aider le plus rapidement possible.

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  • My app .whadshapp out going not show plz me helf

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