Does the application is invisible?

Mobile Tracker Free operates in stealth mode. No icon is displayed and the product appears on the applications database of the device under different names (system process), which leaves almost no chance for the user to identify the software.

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  • Will the app show as Background Running list?

  • Yes, It will show in the Background Running list, but it shows as Wi-Fi and not the name of the actual app. My wife, who I installed this app on, told me today that her "Wi-Fi" kept telling her that it was not responding. She believes that it is the Wifi in her phone. So the app still won't be noticed unless someone that knows what they are looking for notices something.

  • Do they know I am tracking their mobile?

  • No, the person that you are tracking will not know that the application is on their device. . Sometimes, I have had the app flash the "Wi-Fi is not responding" message on the screen when the app is not working correctly, but other than that it works without issue.

    Depending on the location of the device, it may not always update the data located in your account right away and that is due to the fact of the device either being in service coverage area, if not connected to wi-fi. Wait a few minutes and it will update.

  • How do i check my mailbox for validate of my account

  • aparece un icono cuando hace la captura

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  • What can you find it under in the file manager

  • My son found app on his phone inder wifi is there so now he can disable permissions so app won't function correctly until turn the functions back on .
    What I'm wondering is if I can coffee out under a different name and icon?

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