Why accessibility disables?

On some phone models, accessibility may be disabled automatically for several reasons:

  • If the battery saving is activated.
  • If a cleaning application is installed.
  • For unknown reasons related to the system.
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  • dual sim cant work mobile tracker in oppo a37f..
    please solution sir

  • @tushuu16, what device are you useing, make sure security services in accessibilities is turned on, and data accses is allowed

  • @jubayeralam77770 turn your switch services on and when it propts which one to use hit exit and see if that helps

  • @micoroom1 Go to settings => Dual SIM & Cellular => App Using Wi-Fi and Mobile Data => « Wi-Fi » => Service => Select 'Wi-Fi and Mobile data'

  • @micoroom1, what is your operaring system?

  • please help "to the developer of this application or even to friends who read this comment, I want to ask, how to deal with whatsapp social media messages that enter the target cellphone repeatedly, so I mean why is the target phone when someone sendsmessage, then the message comes back again and again I see it on the monitor, for example, if someone sends a Whatsapp message to the mobile phone with the word, hello, then on the target cellphone the message is so many times it is repeated, one WhatsApp message that goes to the target cellphoneand on the monitor I see the message that there are as many as 30 or 50 messages coming in even more ... with the same message ... with the same message sender, how is the solution to this, the oppo a37f target cellphone version 5.11, please help to anyone who understandsovercome this problem, and again I want to ask, why only the incoming message that appears on the target cellphone, while the one outgoing message is not there, the settings are all correct, I follow everything, notifications, accessibility is ok, why the message is not displayed send from mobiletarget to someone, please help the solution anyone who understands this problem, and again, in the oppo a37f type, the accessibility is active, but on the monitor we see it is not active ... and another one that asks for help, is every message whatsapp those who have entered the monitor must be deleted, because onthe monitor is only 5000 messages that can be displayed, whether every message that has been entered on the monitor must be deleted or has been automatically deleted by the system monitor, please anyone who understands may help me answer the solution to this problem, especially to the developer of this application I beghelp, here is my e-mail if I need it, micoroom1 @ gmail.com

  • i can use premium fitur

  • What is the reason for online status missing. Please solve my problem as soon as possible

  • What is the reason for online status missing. Please solve my problem as soon as possible

  • It's been two days without getting anything please help, it is not refreshing.

  • التعطيل من عندكم انتم تقومون بذلك لايوجد اي عائق يحذف الحساب تقولون اتصل بنا وبريدكم مغلق كافي لعب بعقول الناس

  • I am not able to view outgoing msg's which is send from what's up. Individual msg's is not getting display ... In many of msg's the error is (CHECKING FOR MESSAGE)
    There double double double incoming msg's... Same msg's gets repeat more than 4-5 times...

  • If the mobile tracker is installed in the mobile but it is still outside, it has disabled tracker access, then how can it be done again

  • My account is not working

  • Vivo accessibility doesn't stable

  • Plzz reply me

  • Why my account sometimes will work nd certainly stop to working.....

  • I have enabled everything in my both phones...

  • Can you please resolve the issue that i am facing

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