Why do I have "?" as status?

The device may not be connected to the Internet, or can not connect to Google servers.

In this case, wait, if the problem persists, try opening Mobile Tracker Free by dialing the "call code" as if it were a phone number. If you have not changed it, the default code is *1234*.

Also, check that you have followed the installation instructions: https://mobile-tracker-free.com/help/#help4

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  • 9th July to 19th July no call history add

  • The site is under maintenance like it showing, what is the issue. Cloud you please tell me when it will be going to the reslove

  • Why work only 2 days after same history showing??

  • Am using app but on a redmi4 mobile bettert optimize this app is off not working so i went start this app
    Help me
    But my girlfriend mobile is not on my hand

  • So if the device is connected to the internet and ll configurations on the device are correct, but are still getting a ? In the Online status?

  • an update to installing and configuring on Android Systems 8.0.1 Oreo thats not shown, listed or told. In order for Mobile Tracker to work and not show ? in the online status is to make sure the Talk Back option is off and the volume control for accesabilities is off. I contacted the wonderful support team, went with out service on my account for 4 days with no help at all before reinstalling and figuring it out myself. Also make sure and reset all apps back to original settings before reinstall that allows Mobile Tracker to be installed and configured correctly before settings are changed in other apps that can prevent Mobile Tracker from download, installing and configuring properly.



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  • Merhaba, ben bu proğramı kullanıyordum ama mate 10pro aldım ve yükleme yapamıyorum bütün detayları yaptım.
    Her şey hazır adresi girip devam edemiyorum tam yapılandırma zamanı errorfcm"updategoogleplayservices" hatası veriyor ve ana ekranda mobile tracker simgesi çıkıyor ama kuruluma devam edemiyorum. bütün ayarlarını yaptım. Önceden kullandığım için biliyorum her yöntemi ama bu cihazda yapamadım problem nedir acaba? lütfen acil yardım edin.
    Ekranda trackerfree simgesi çıkıyor

  • English please

  • Make sure settings are not blocking unknown sites, turn off any talk back options, make sure accessibilities short cuts are off also, reboot and try to install agai

  • Make sure settings are not blocking unknown sites, turn off any talk back options, make sure accessibilities short cuts are off also, reboot and try to install agai

  • Hi, I bought the huawei 10pro and did all the settings I can't install.
    I can not enter everything in ready devices and I cannot continue to do exactly the hatafcm error of "updategoogleplayservices" and the main step is to continue the installation with the mobile tracker icon. I've done everything. Please know how to change in advance but I wonder what is the problem you could not in this device please help.
    The trackerfree icon option appears on the screen
    I cannot continue the setup when I get the googleplayservices error instantly in the configuration. Please contact

  • In short, I have tried every way but it does not happen
    I am downloading all the settings, but googleplayservices error is not progressing when logging in configuration settings. And the trackerfree icon on the home screen comes out

  • I know the settings because I've used it before, but it's not mate10 pro.
    Reset reset I've reset reloaded but it doesn't happen to be very urgent help all the settings I've done I'm opening an obstacle I'm downloading but I'm moving in the configuration settings googleplayservices error comes out and the icon appears on the screen

  • bro..please help..why status online is?...
    all setting is good,, 3 day status online ?...please help bro..help..
    my acount: amel92285@gmail.com

  • im already premium acount,,,populer..please help me..why in monitor..status online?.....
    cant update....
    yesterday status online ✓..is good...
    why in 3day status online?..ooh please help
    my acount premium populer: amel92285@gmail.com

  • The so called support Team is not supportive at all except trying to blame you for not setting something right and refer you to the web link with the settings that one has read hundred times already.. The app stops working at every update, 01Feb moved from ver 1.38 to 1.39 and on the 13th Feb it moved to 1.40 both times the app stopped to work and one had to get hold of the monitored device to do a reinstall again, that means every two weeks you have to have access to the target device. That is so not efficient.


  • I'm receiving updates on sms and other messages as well as screenshot but I got "?" in status and can't do live views or photo in remote control.

  • Sir i hear only my side voice in call recoding
    I recently updated android 9 pie
    And I recently updated mobile tracker free
    Please help me
    How can I fix it 

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  • Why online status only working 3 day only. Then status "?". The target device was connected strong internet. Somebody help me! Already buy premium

  • Hai amirul i have same trouble. How problem solving abaout ur problem?

  • I Am Using premium One and from Morning the online status is??? What to Do...

  • Its everyday status going offline and app not working again until target mobile app reinstall help for that

  • I am also getting the same issue as online status ? after using it for 3 days

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