How to update Mobile Tracker Free ?

To update the application, access to the monitored phone is required.

Warning: Make sure to remove the old version of the application prior to installing a newer one.

Follow the instructions:

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  • What if u dont have acess to
    Target phone to do the update will the spplication still work ?

  • sir i want to purchase premium version ...but how

  • Very nice application
    I like all features .
    Only name changeed(wifi)

  • Plz make the undetectable application

  • Remotely updated?

  • Sir this app call voice only one side whats problm plz help me

  • Sir plz send setting of call recording for mi note 4.because i cant receive call recording for calls.

  • No good

  • Jab bhi mein login karta hu to baar baar a jata hai warning the app uninstall the phone but I again download the app maine 10 bar downlod kr diya ek din kaam karta hai phir bahi haal the app Uninstall please solution sir

  • Sir, how are you. My call can't and if I want to open, I get text that you don't have voice, can you help me that problems?

  • با سلام این کار بزرگی است با چند جمله نمی توانم وصف کنم فقط این را بگویم که بی نظیر است بهترین است توی دنیا تکه از تمام شما بی نهایت قدردانی وتشکر میکنم عاشقتونم

  • با سلام این کار بزرگی است با چند جمله نمی توانم وصف کنم فقط این را بگویم که بی نظیر است بهترین است توی دنیا بی همتاست از تمام شما بی نهایت قدردانی وتشکر میکنم عاشقتونم

  • how to call record data recovery

  • The app has not sent any data frm 3 days.......why plzzz plzz plzzz rply.

    And i want premium ???

  • I am using in chrome...not in app..

  • با سلام خدمت شما
    اگر برنامه هیچ اطلاعاتی را ارسال نمیکند مشکل از تلفن هدف می‌باشد نه از برنامه
    تلفن هدف آنلاین نیست
    تلفن هدف فرمت شده
    تلفن هدف خاموش است

  • how to call record data recovery

  • I have already purchased the premium version. But the installation is not going through ? Can you please help

  • Last connection is not updated and even all the features. What could be the problem??

  • 03017974048

  • If the app is uninstalled is there any way the mobile can still be tracked??

  • Very nice application i like it

  • Sim card change karne ka bad kam nehi kar raha hai app
    Ab kya kare ? please help me

  • Warning, the application has been uninstalled.
    The application has been uninstalled from the phone.
    It has been uninstalled either by Google Play Protect, an Anti-virus or the user.

    this massage show.....

  • Sim card change. What shoud I do ? delete information ? what's the implication ?

  • settings bloked hona chahiye sir app me
    use koi bhi khol de raha hai
    assbellty me on off me pass hona chahiye

  • Hi Jordan,

    I m a paid customer of mobile tracker free app. My victim stays at same home and always he ll be online. But when I open mobile tracker free app his ONLINE STATUS ALWAYS SHOWS AS OFF. Why is it I m worried.please help.
    He is online infront of me. But mobile tracker free app shows its OFF LINE.
    What settings I need to change. Please guide.

    Waiting for your valuable reply.

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