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These Settings must be properly configured to keep Mobile Tracker Free working.

1) Settings => Apps & notifications => See all X apps => Wi-Fi => Data usage => Background data & Unrestricted data usage => Turn ON

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2) Settings => Network & Internet => Data usage => Data saver => Turn OFF

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  • Good

  • this does not work, no setting yet allows it to work on 8.1.0 Oreo

  • I have the same problem. Can't get my Alcatel to run this it's 8.1.0 as well

  • @ Ralph "The Caveman" Schmidt
    Go to accesabilities, click the one that says some Switch, when it pops up to ask about which one to use, USB and something else just click exit, back on the accessibility screen then click Security Service, make sure it says on there and on the accessibility screen, then go to apps, at the bottom it has options for advance setting, go there and make sure Chrome has unknown sources checked, also browser, make sure all have the permissions granted, includeing Wifi, data access, battery Not Optimized for Wifi, all run in the background (under battery option) and are unrestricted, and also that data saver and battery saver is turned off. Now the trick is with Android 8 wverytime the device is rebooted (battery dies or restarts) for whatever reason it has an automatic scan and resets its self, if that Switch option in accesibilities is not on it will disable this all over again.

  • It took me almost a month of researching the features and all to figure that out, also make sure that your Talk Back option is turned off because whatever button is used to work Talk Back will disable Security Services for the Wifi (mobile tracker) to work also.

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