The specific settings related to WhatsApp are needed to ensure that Mobile Tracker Free logs incoming messages on non-rooted phones.

WhatsApp=> Menu=> Settings => Notifications => Message notifications – Use high priority notifications, Group notifications – Use high priority notifications => Turn ON


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  • hi

  • چجوری کار میکنه

  • Brittni Martin 864-279-3132

  • I cant see the whatsApp outgoing msg of the victim. Please help me to know that how how i get outgoing msg info of the whatsApp.

  • Wattsepp

  • Pls help me to know that how to get outgoing sms info of the whatsapp

  • Am done to Sign that's the next step help me plz

  • I can't see the whatsApp outgoing, incoming msg of the victim. then how i get it.[non-root]

  • I cant see WhatsApp outgoing messages

  • please help "to the developer of this application or even to friends who read this comment, I want to ask, how to deal with whatsapp social media messages that enter the target cellphone repeatedly, so I mean why is the target phone when someone sendsmessage, then the message comes back again and again I see it on the monitor, for example, if someone sends a Whatsapp message to the mobile phone with the word, hello, then on the target cellphone the message is so many times it is repeated, one WhatsApp message that goes to the target cellphoneand on the monitor I see the message that there are as many as 30 or 50 messages coming in even more ... with the same message ... with the same message sender, how is the solution to this, the oppo a37f target cellphone version 5.11, please help to anyone who understandsovercome this problem, and again I want to ask, why only the incoming message that appears on the target cellphone, while the one outgoing message is not there, the settings are all correct, I follow everything, notifications, accessibility is ok, why the message is not displayed send from mobiletarget to someone, please help the solution anyone who understands this problem, and again, in the oppo a37f type, the accessibility is active, but on the monitor we see it is not active ... and another one that asks for help, is every message whatsapp those who have entered the monitor must be deleted, because onthe monitor is only 5000 messages that can be displayed, whether every message that has been entered on the monitor must be deleted or has been automatically deleted by the system monitor, please anyone who understands may help me answer the solution to this problem, especially to the developer of this application I beghelp, here is my e-mail if I need it, micoroom1 @ gmail.com...
    my fitur permium top 20€

  • My email is change
    My old email is not available
    How i change email?

  • I have installed it inredmi 5a. I am not getting instant messaging details like WhatsApp massage

  • I have installed it inredmi 5a. I am not getting instant messaging details like WhatsApp massage

  • تم حذف حسابي اريد استعادته

  • I configured everything correctly and work every features nicely.
    but now withing 2,3 days instant messaging not coming.I used this app from last 6 month without any problem. Please help me as soon as possible.

  • Some international number is 11 how can I use it

  • Hai...i can't see the outgoing message ? Can anyone helping

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  • I cant see the whatsApp outgoing msg

  • +92 335 8574271 I need all WhatsApp messages this nomber befor 2 days sooo plzzz help me

  • Can't find data on phone number 205 412 310 6 trying to track it

  • i cant log in and my password is correct

  • I just want to let u know that the technicians has discoverd that there are people who are hacking other peoples whastapp massages,I heard that on the radio and they have found the way to stop it coz even in my target phone it stops coming but Avery thing else is OK can u plz come up with the plan to solve this problem plz plz plz.

  • I'm new to this and want to know how and where do I enter the nr that I would like to monitor

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