¿Cómo desinstalar Mobile Tracker Free?

To uninstall the Mobile Tracker Free app, you have several methods:

Method 1

  • Open your account -> select the device -> features selection -> search "Password to start the application"


  • Prepare the target Android phone.

Example: *1234*. Once done, tap the Call button.


  • The program will start.

Select "menu" button => Uninstall => OK

 device-2018-05-02-092413.png   device-2018-05-02-092426.png device-2018-05-02-092456.png


Method 2

  • Settings => Security => Device administrators => Uncheck « Wi-Fi » (The password to start the application may be required)

1.png 2.png 

3.png 5.png   

  • Settings => Apps => « Wi-Fi » => Uninstall

6.png 7.png

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